Smell. How I May Have Poisoned My Family

I think I may have been poisoning my family.

Last year, I invested in lots of pretty smelling candle wax that made my house smell like sand and surf and sunshine. It was a beautiful thing. Sometimes it would be vanilla-y or caramel-y or all sorts of scents of lovely.

And then.

I heard my daughter coughing. And suddenly realized that X had a bad cough, too.

Why do they both have such bad coughs?

I began to question the lovely scents that I was pouring into my home. And then I googled it.

Google: The cause of many a freak out over the years.

What I found was that I couldn’t rule out the fact that the reason my kiddos were coughing was so that my house could smell like the beach. The fragrances were full of chemicals. There was some debate about whether those chemicals get released into the air, but I’m betting they do. I taught 5th grade. I know that when you heat water, the molecules move around faster and it changes to gas and the gas is released into the air around it. Duh.

Then I read that the little gobs of wax had a petroleum base. Petroleum. The gas I put in my car is made from petroleum….Cue the FREAK OUT.

I really did run through the house, in tears by this point, turning off all of the plug in warmers and then ran back through ripping them out of the outlets. My hands were covered in warm, melted wax that sloshed out as I carried each one to the garbage can, pouring out the gooeyness.

Here’s the thing. I know a lot of folks who are walking around, feeling miserable all of the time. They ‘eeyore’ about their lives, (I just turned Eeyore into a verb…YES! she said pumping her fist in the air!)…suffering from headaches and sinus infections and not sleeping and aches and pains. They make doctor appointments while downing their 3rd Mountain Dew of the morning after eating fast food for breakfast.

It is time to take a look around. What is making us sick? I know it is not as simple as this. People get sick. There are germs, there are real illnesses and disease that are just going to happen, because that is how things work within our bodies. We can’t stop everything. But. Our world is full of toxins. And if we can reduce the toxins that we add to it, by just a little bit, we may be just a little bit better off. If nothing else, we need to start paying attention. If we are going to try to EAT WELL and PLAY MORE, we also need to AVOID POISONS as much as possible.

In the meantime, I have discovered a way to make my house smell all kinds of lovely, with the added bonus of improving my family’s health, instead of harming it with chemicals.

Essential oils. I’m diffusing natural lavender oil into the air when we need calm. I’m applying natural, therapeutic grade peppermint oil when I have a headache. I’m putting a special blend called, Thieves, on their feet at bedtime when they have the sniffles. And so far, my house smells great and they haven’t missed a single day of school.

If there was a simple, natural way that you could help your family and yourself feel better, would you like to know more? Click below or leave a comment here if you would like to learn more about how I’m using essential oils for our own little wellness renovation.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

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