Team. Annabelle. On Friday Wins.

“There’s a lot to say, but it’s hard.”

Everyday. And I swear it is every single day.

I hear about another one. Another Mom. Another Dad. Another Wife. Another Husband. Another Daughter. Another Son. Another Friend.

Who has just been diagnosed. Who has just started chemotherapy. Who has just finished. Who has just won their battle with


I have worn the pink ribbons. The blue ribbons. The purple ribbons.

I have walked the 39.3 miles. I have raised the money. I have sold the t-shirts.

I have cried. I have celebrated. I have cheerleaded. I have brought the dinners and I have said the prayers. I have gone to the appointments and I have held the hands.

There’s a lot to say, for sure. And there’s still a long way to go. And many, many things left to do.

So today, as a Friday Win,  I’m joining forces with my fellow SITSTriber, Jen over at JVKom Chronicles, to be a part of #TeamTCCG, as we show our support for The Carolina Country Girl.

She’s a:

I had to use this from her About Me page...because ... her words are just awesome.
I had to use this from her About Me page…because … her words are just awesome.

She’s you. She’s me. She’s a fellow blogger who was just diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. And today, on Friday Wins, she’s on her way to her first oncologist appointment and …

Guess what?!

We are all going with her.

Yep. All of us. Pile in.

We are all going to be there with her. And with everyone who is heading in for a treatment today.

We are all going with everyone who is getting up and doing their thing while wearing their electronic IV pumps.

We are all going with everyone who is smiling while fighting. With everyone who is scared. With everyone who is saying another prayer.

We are going to bring some food. We are going to bring some laughter. We are going to bring the hand to hold.

And with that … We are bringing the courage. We are bringing the smiles. We are bringing the force…

that is all of us.


Let’s all, Go. Do that.

You’ve got this, Girl. And we’ve got you.



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