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My family loves words. In our everydays, before and after our dayjobs, late at night or 0′ Dark Early. We are wordsmiths. We are narrators. We are writers. We are poets and playwrights. Sometimes, we are even lyricists.  We appreciate words, in whatever form and these words are a part of our family and our traditions over several generations. I love this…and so much more…about them all.


Recently, my beautiful cousin, launched her own bloggy site, ElleBeeLovely. She is busy finding light, love and hope for the little things and inspiration for the big. It is a beautiful place where she writes about her world, being a talented woman, a Momma, raising two little ones, searching out her place and space and time and balance of it all. I totally get where she’s at and where she’s coming from. I’ve thought those thoughts and felt those frustrations and said those same words. Because…Motherhood. Every Momma has this time in her life of motherhood. Not everyone’s is exactly the same, but just similar enough that it feels like a secret handshake or secret knock on a door…a sacred look across the room and we just know. Yep. Knowingly nod. I remember that. That was fun. Or that was just hard.

But this month on MommyVerbs, we are focusing on the Dads in our lives. So, I asked Lori if she would, pretty please with raw, local honey (I don’t do sugar anymore) on top,  find the time to blog about her husband, who is a relatively new-ish Daddy and doing a fine job of it. She agreed and found four, count ’em, four verbs to describe her love in his Daddy role to her little bees.

So, please, join me in welcoming the lovely and talented, the Queen Bee herself, to MommyVerbs!


Love. Fix. Teach. Daddy. 

It’s what he does. He loves. He fixes. He teaches. He daddies. Yes, daddy is a noun and a verb. Didn’t you know?! So, in the month where we celebrate fathers, here are some sweet thoughts, just for my sweetheart …

You love. Your love gives us so many gifts. You are present. You are all in. You are seriously all in it with me. You are my true partner. It’s your best gift to me. The fact that I don’t have to question it. It’s huge. You work hard – day in, day out, you work hard for us. You kiss us goodbye and leave us every morning, but we know you’d rather be with us. We feel that. We know you leave because you have to. You leave so that I don’t have to. I get to be here, home, with our little ones, and right now, in their earliest years, it feels like a gift to them. A gift to me. They get to have their Momma. I have never questioned your love for me. It is sure and strong and steady. It’s one of the very best blessings of my life. Now, our children share this blessing with me. You. And, your unwavering love and devotion to us. We may question your patience ;), but never your love.

You fix. You fix bottles, juice and dinner. Now, I know. You don’t actually FIX things like this. It’s grammatically incorrect. Shush. I know. I just don’t care. Back where I come from, you FIX juice and bottles and dinner. You fix broken toys and mend broken spirits. You give a good pep talk. Your approach is tougher than mine. You don’t kiss as many boo boos. You encourage them to brush it off. It’s just as important. You are soft when you have to be and hard when you need to be.


You teach. I love this one! I always knew the amazing way that you loved and I always knew that you were good at “fixing”, but watching you teach our children has been a happy surprise. You are direct and attentive. You teach safety first and how to take pride in your work. You teach the lessons passed down to you over generations. Lessons that much of our society seems to have forgotten. I love watching you teach N how to use your tools and how to create beautiful things. You are teaching him all about fishing and about waiting. You are teaching him about kindness and what it means to be a good man. When you teach, you change. I see the soft parts of you come out. You slow down. You bring it all down to their level. You speak out of love and you teach with a patience that you don’t always have otherwise. You talk to them. You explain. It’s beautiful. You are a good teacher. You are a good man.


You daddy. Watching you become a daddy has been one of my favorite things about parenthood. You and I – we became a team a long time ago. We laid down the foundation. We waited. Then, we found out that N was on the way. We were so thrilled. We were so scared. When it came time for N to actually enter the world, you swore you wouldn’t watch. “I’m staying up here by your head” you said. Yeah, right! You were all in. You were better than any nurse. You held my hand and my leg. You coached me through it all. And, once you saw his little head, it was all over for you. Your whole face changed. You were a transformed man. You became a daddy in that very instance. “He has dark hair!”, you exclaimed. I’ve never seen you more excited! By the time A came around, we felt like old pros. It wasn’t as scary, but I still needed you to be my cheerleader. I will always need you to be my cheerleader. Once each of our babies were home, you learned how to daddy them. Just as I had to figure out what it meant to be a mother, you had to figure out how to be a father. It’s trial and error. It’s the good with the bad. It’s the beautiful and the ugly. It teaches one more about themselves than anything else. I watch you hold them and sing to them; read to them and love on them; whisper to them and care for them. You are good at daddying them. You are a good daddy. Being a parent highlights ones flaws. It shows you what parts of yourself need work. But, you continue to daddy. Even when it’s hard. You strive to make yourself better. You fight your issues and you learn from your mistakes. You are wonderful at daddying.

You are wonderful.


Let’s all, Go. Do that.

Such true words to describe the fun times and tough times of parenting. Thanks so much for guest posting, Lori!

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You will love you some ElleBeeLovely!   

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