Attract. Yes, I’m Afraid of Moths.

Recently Coach Daddy asked us to share what we are most afraid of, what we are chicken of.

I knew my answer immediately. It has been the same answer that I have given for the past 30 years. It seems like such a little thing. Something others barely even notice.

But for me.

The thing that I hate. The thing that I fear. The thing that I am most ‘chicken’ of…


I know. Moths. But I can’t stand ’em. And while it is not as bad as it once was, I am still afraid of …moths.

When I was about 12 years old, we lived in a little house with an old bathroom window that closed at the top and sometimes would slip open just a little bit. My brother still needed the bathroom light on at night, so inevitably, moths would be drawn to the light, as the little buggers are.

So, my unsuspecting 12 year old self would come into the bathroom in the middle of the night, slightly sleepy, only to have moths try to fly into my ears and up my nose. I’m not kidding. To this day, they don’t just fly around me, they try to fly into me.


I’ve always joked about moths being attracted to my inner light and all, but to this day, I’m afraid of front porch lights with swarming moths as a welcoming party.

No thank you. Really. Feel free to leave the lights OFF for me.

I’d much prefer to stumble through the dark of your front steps than fight off those smarmy wanna be butterflies.

I’ve shared this story with the girl child a couple of times over the years. And in true girl-child fashion, she is now convinced that all moths are indeed trying to get into our ears and noses, like little bodysnatchers. In order to be proactive, she has developed her very own signature move of putting her hands to her face in a way that covers both her ears and squeezes her nostrils shut as she makes her way through a moth-y mob.

Well played, young Y. Well played.

Let’s all, Go. Do that. (Really. Save yourself from the dreaded…moth!)

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