Collect. People Along with the Things.

Yesterday, I went in search of a time capsule.

I didn’t find it, but I did find a lot of things and a yearbook that didn’t belong to me.

Yeah, I’m not sure how I had a senior yearbook with someone else’s name on it. But I made all right in the universe and returned it to him last night. Go on with your lives, people. Nothing to see here.

I spent some time in the crawl space yesterday, using my cell phone flashlight to dig through tubs labeled high school memorabilia. Yep, tubs. Plural. Don’t judge.

I saved a lot of things, ok, so sue me. Seriously, I saved a lot of things from those years and while I’m sure most of it could be tossed, I did find a few high school treasures.

Like the gob of key chains that all new teenage drivers seem to need to survive the drive. And honestly, I don’t think this is half of what I usually carried on a key ring on any given day in 1988. This was the days before social media, so maybe that is how we identified ourselves through our key ring personalities instead of online profiles.


Mind you, there are no actual keys on here and even back in the day, I think there were only two. Thank goodness I had 9 key chains to keep up with them!

In addition to Russell Smith’s yearbook, I also found my own senior yearbook. I did have a good time looking through all the pictures, the big hair, the comments. It seems like another lifetime. 25 years ago.

The tubs were filled with all kinds of things like this. All the things.  Lots and lots of things. Books. Journals. Medals. Plaques. Newspapers. Certificates. Notes. Cards. All of these things that were so important to me. They defined me. The accomplishments. The awards. Even the yearbook was a record of how I spent most of my time senior year. I collected these things. I treasured them. I took care of them and am still keeping and storing them, even if they only take up space in tubs under the house.

So, I arrived at my 25th high school reunion last night and much to my disappointment, there were no nametags. Turns out though, I didn’t really need them. People looked pretty much the same. Only older. 43 instead of 18, but they still looked like them. Thank goodness.

I enjoyed chatting with folks last night. We talked about families. We asked about kids. We chatted about jobs and what we have been doing and how we spend our time. We talked about our people. The things that are important to us. We shared stories and experiences.

Never. Not once, did we talk about those awards and certificates and medals. We talked about our people.

It was good to see some folks that I hadn’t seen in years and years. Even though some live close, we just don’t run in the same circles most days. There were lots of people that weren’t there and I missed catching up with them.

My advice to those who are still in high school today, not that I think many high school students actually spend time reading this blog, but here’s my advice anyway.

Sure. Collect your things. Work hard for those plaques and medals and certificates. But. Spend as much time collecting people. Spend time with friends. Collect and treasure relationships.

Because, while the things are super fun to look at 25 years later. It is all about the people. Always is. Always will be.

IMG_0252Happy 25th reunion Class of 1990. Keep lookin’ good!

Engage each day in action words to make good things happen.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.