Fail. Terrible-F. Add it to the list!

It is the end of the month and I have failed. Yet again.

I did not complete the NaBloPoMo blogging challenge. As a matter of fact, I quit that game pretty early in the month. As the cool kids say — #tbh, I think I made it all of 7 days. Yep. Only 7 days. (Sorry fellow NanoPoblanos aka Team Tiny Peppers! I was silently rooting you all on though!)

But I will say this. This failure. This quitting thing. It was on purpose. It was an intentional decision to … stop the madness, even if it was just a little bit of the madness.

I’m not even sure where I ever get the idea that I am supposed to be able to do 14 things at once. And not a single one of those 14 things very well at all.

I know better. I know that as much as I like to think I can multi-task, I can’t. The brain can only attend to one thing at a time. Multi-tasking just makes my brain flip its attention between tasks really fast, never really finishing any one thing. Just back and forth and here and there, focusing on this and that. Never really moving much forward at all.

And then, life happens. Life gets in the way. Life makes the way. And we either decide or things get decided for us.

You see, about the same time that I started the Blogging Challenge, the dog decided to eat something that decided to get stuck in his small intestine, which prompted us to have to decide that he needed major abdominal surgery at a major cost to my bank account.

This was the day after, I decided to invest in a project that would help me launch a few new business ideas that I had decided was the best next right thing for me.

And all of that combined, made me decide to quit. To give up the blogging challenge, because it was that One. More. Thing. that was making me a bit more nuts than usual.

So. I quit. I gave up. I threw in the towel.

f_gradeFail. Terrible. F.

Or is it?

Maybe the action of quitting actually saved me just a bit? Maybe the slamming of one extra commitment door, allowed me to peek through the blinds of other possibilities.

Let’s be honest here, I can only do so many things at once. And only a few of them well.

“Add it to the list!” I declared!

That is a common statement that I make around these parts. I like to assume that ‘people’ are all keeping a list, an ongoing list of my failures. My mistakes. My dropped projects. My unrealized goals.

Maybe ‘they’ are. Maybe ‘they’ are not.

Maybe it is just me. I’m probably the only one that is keeping track. Marking my failures. The things I get wrong. The things I mess up. The things I don’t finish.

But that is so opposite of what I teach.

Time to start walking my talk. Recognizing that we all learn from our mistakes. We all start and stop and start over and quit. The real lessons come from the trying again.  The “Oops, that was bad timing.” The “Man, I got that one wrong.” And then the “Let me give that another try.” I’m hoping that ‘people’ are keeping a list of those things, too. Not the times I get it right necessarily.

But the times that I admit that I got it wrong, told them so, and then got up and tried it again.

Because that is how we learn, son.

Engage each day in action words to make good things happen.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

P.S. I’m doing that thing again. That thing where I have ideas and invite you in and let you see what I’ve got brewing. This time it is about goal setting. It will be fun, like a game! Who wants to play? Be sure to comment here and let me know what your goals for 2016 are!