Lose. And Find. Library Books and My SISses.

People. It is officially 11:26 p.m. And … Today was a regular day.

Except. I had a great conversation about finding clarity and pursuing possibilities today that left me pretty excited about what could happen.

And I was able to spend some much needed time, connecting to four of my favorite people in the world. My SISses.

But there is too much to write about in not enough time, so, I’ll just leave this here:


What do you all see?

(I’ll give you a minute.)

Yep, those are X’s missing for three weeks library books, tucked on a shelf with all the movies. Poor kid. He’s been stressing over the fact that he couldn’t find his books. So unlike him to lose anything. He usually knows where all of his stuff is, down to the oddly shaped lego part that makes up Thor’s chariot or other random tiny things like this.

We’ve been searching high and low, but tonight, they just popped out at me! There were cheers of celebration and sighs of relief as he realized he wouldn’t have to go to Library Jail. Shew!

So, let’s all celebrate good friends and the discovery of lost library books!

Engage each day in action words to make good things happen.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

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