Manifest. Yes with a Written Hug.

It’s been a while. Quite a while. And I’ve missed this. I’ve missed this time and this space.

The space to share. To grow. To reflect.

I’ve been away and focused on other spaces and other places. Spaces and places that were looking to grow. Spaces and places that needed to be fed a little. That needed a little attention. And still do.

Some spaces and places are like that sometimes. But I’ve been craving the time and energy and focus and motivation to put fingers to keyboard again. String some words. See what happens. And every time I do. Every time I sit down and line ’em up on asdf jkl; … I get stuck.

Stuck on what thought to try to grab as it runs by. Stuck on the ‘who cares if I share?’ which is a debacle of a question. Stuck on time and distractions. Just stuck for no good reason.

Until, I just decided. Enough. It is time. It has been too long. Time to reintroduce myself to this place and this practice and get to know one another again.

So. Here I am. Hello. Again. (Insert overused Adelle song reference here.)

A quick story to break the ice. This week I was misunderstood. I unintentionally hurt someone. And ironically it was with my words. Words that I try (most of the time) to be so careful with. But these were written words and they were mis-read and mis-interpreted. Fortunately, I had the chance to briefly chat with this someone and talk it out. Talk it out with the other approximately 93% of communication that comes from body language and paraverbals. And all seems to be well now.

Later, while talking to another colleague, he made me laugh out loud. He said that my words were typically like a written hug. Bwahahahahaha!

A written hug. What a minute. I kinda love, really love that idea.

So, while I’m over here manifesting some awesome things for my places and spaces. While I’m over here focused on my Manifest: Yes work. While I’m over here knocking on the door, politely asking to come back into my blog…

I’m going to have to start writing more hugs. And as I heard today, “My positive actions will speak louder than all of my words.” Yes. More Yes.

Engage each day with action words to make good things happen.

Let’s all, Go. Do that!