Her Now. My Then. What a ride this is!

Seeing her present, her current, her now.

Mirror my then, my long ago, my memories.

Watching her giggling/cackling with her friends on this 5th grade field trip in the back of the bus, I thought to myself, “Oh, Wow. I remember this. I remember what that felt like. Even now.”

Spying on her interactions with friends. Discreetly of course, so as to not embarrass her with my chaperone-y ways. Seeing a clue into how she is when I’m there, but trying not to be too much… there.

Watching her now. Remembering my then.

I remember that bus ride. The 5th grade field trip. The friends. The excitement. The giggling/cackling.

And today I realized that her future, is my past and if I’m lucky, I get to watch her days, her plays, her ways. From this day on, her now will begin to mirror my then.

Middle School. High School. College. Career. Family.

If I’m lucky, I get to see.

Her future. My memories. I’m about to watch her play out such a similar story with such a similar plot. With different characters, slightly different events.

Very much the same, only a little bit bigger.

Very much the same, but sadly, maybe in a world that seems just a little bit harder.

So I hope. I hope she enjoys the great majority of it. I hope her smiles greatly outnumber the disappointments.

I hope she has good friends to travel these days with. I hope she has fun. I hope she can always see the light. I hope she always knows that she always has us to lean on. I hope she has both a tribe and a village. I hope she knows that she is loved beyond measure. I hope she pushes herself as much as she slows down to enjoy it. I hope she counts her blessings daily and is thankful and grateful. I hope she gives more than she takes, but I hope she takes every opportunity to grow. I hope she stays brave. I hope she stays true. I hope. I pray.

I hope her now continues to make her smile. Just like most of my then still does.

Her now. My then.

Been there. Lived that. Loved all of it. Can’t wait to watch her nows turn into more of her very own thens.

What an amazingly glorious ride this is.

Engage each day with action words to make good things happen.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.