Sharon, Are You Still Writing?

Five words that stopped me in my tracks this afternoon.

Five words that gave me pause. Five words that made me just a little bit sad and just a little bit more motivated.

Sharon, Are you still writing? These five words were the heading of an email I found in my inbox this afternoon.

And I had to stop and consider that. Hmmmm. Am I? Am I still writing?

The answer is one of those yes and no kind of deals.  I mean, yes, I kinda am. I write in my Passion Planner. I write in random notebooks on random mornings when I’m not heading to spin class. I write to friends and colleagues. I write a lot of emails and texts and facebook statuses. I sometimes spend minutes here and there editing a story that I meant to have finished long ago. As a matter of fact, according to my book plan from three years ago, I should already have finished my book tour and have some kind of awful carpal tunnel injuries from all of the signings, by now.

Alas, it still sits in a folder on my hard drive.

So the answer is also no. Because as I look back here, I haven’t blogged since Feb. 23. I haven’t posted any words about any actions on here in almost two months. That’s a lotta time without a lotta words and a lotta actions being recorded.

Sharon, Are you still writing? No. Not really. But I need to be doing more of that.

Because I get so much energy from helping others. Writing and sharing words of action and inspiration really lights me up. I love to share a word, a story, a song, a phrase, an example and have someone respond with a “Yes! I totally get that! I totally needed that!” Then I feel the magic that people feel when the right words meet the right people at the right moments. Sometimes they appear like songs. Sometimes like poems. Sometimes a simple phrase. And then, there it is. There’s sparkle. Sometimes a flame. Sometimes a full on bonfire in the middle of an open field. It’s that thing that let’s you know there are bigger things happening in this world and you discover that you are here to help others find their way in it.

So, am I still writing. Well, I am now.

Thank you random email from Hay House Publishing. I’d love to get really excited and think that you really are interested in that final-ish draft, semi-abandoned on my hard drive. That you really are interested in talking with me about acquiring my manuscript through the traditional methods. That you really do want to publish and organize that book tour and provide a wrist brace so I don’t have to be bothered with that nasty book signing injury I have predicted. But, I’m thinking it is the equivalent of writer spam scam emails.

Either way and just in case. Maybe I’ll give you a quick call tomorrow.

Just in case. And because. I want the answer to that question:

Sharon, Are you still writing?

To be simply–Why, Yes. Yes I am.

Engage each day with action words to make good things happen.

Let’s all, Go. Do that!

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